Eczema Pictures

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Eczema Pictures

In 1918, a newspaper advertisement stated “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  Since then, this has become a popular adage in modern culture to explain the significance that a picture has in our perception of things.  It’s only natural to want to see photos of eczema, to gain a better understanding of what this dermatological disorder entails.  As you can see from the eczema pictures below, breakouts can occur anywhere on the body.  However, certain areas are more prone to rashes than others.  Babies for instance, often times experience eczema rashes on the face and knees.  Older individuals may see flare ups occur on the backside of a joint such as the crease in the arm or on the back of the legs where the knee bends.

Eczema Pictures

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It’s also important to realize that there are numerous types of eczema, with atopic eczema being the most affluent.  None of the eczema pictures will look exactly the same as each patient is suffering a different stage, severity, and location, which all play a role in how the condition appears.

Hopefully, after viewing the various eczema pictures, you will have a far better understanding of what eczema actually is, so that you may better discuss possible treatment options with your physician.  Some simple remedies may include:

1.     Topical creams that contain cortisone or some other anti-inflammatory
2.    Lotions and other moisturizers to prevent dryness and reduce itchiness
3.    Antibiotics can be used to prevent potential infections from open sores
4.    Over the counter or prescription antihistamines can help reduce allergic reactions
5.    Pimecrolimus and tacrolimus, which are prescription medication known as “immunomodulators”.

Immunomodulators help suppress the immune system, which may be affective in decreasing rashes and other skin conditions.

Eczema Pictures

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Luckily, eczema is not a contagious skin disorder.  This of course does not mean that open sores and broken skin cannot cause those with eczema to infect others with unwanted illnesses.  For this reason alone, it may be best to try and avoid physical contact with those that have broken skin or open sores so as not to catch some sort of bacterial sickness such as staph infection.

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